Friday, March 30, 2007

Flash Cleanup

This is my own cartoon rendition of Beetlejuice, drawing more from Michael Keaton's Beetlejuice than the already existing beetlejuice cartoon character. this was a drawing scanned in and cleaned up in flash.

This is a character of mine named rugged ron. He's basically an updated version of the character in the stop motion video below. this drawing was done entirely in flash.

Video Time!

Here are some videos I have ready right now to post, and i'll find more in the next day or so.

This is a stop motion short I did at the end of my first year at NSCC truro. It won 1st place in the experimental category at the animediafest last year.

A rough animation of a character named dillon (courtesy of collideascope animation studios) climbing a rope. the details are a little hard to make out at this resolution.

Another rough animation of the same character, this time doing a laugh lipsync. The video synced up with the sound before I uploaded it onto youtube.

Yet another rough animation, this time a very quick one of a simple human figure doing a backflip.

this one is my first attempt at a lipsync test in Maya, using a pre-modeled head.

In other news: man makes blog, posts things

Howdy, everyone.
Welcome to the new blog! I'm gonna take a bit to add some videos and pictures so I can make this sucker look a little more inviting. I'll add what I have, and then find other things I wouldn't mind you people seeing in the next short while. It'll start to come together soon.